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25-Mar.-2020 08:20

Partnership between AveSui and CiBiogás presents a new Biomass and Bioenergy Workshop

This year in addition to the lectures, the participants will see in practice the production of biogas and its application for energy generation and also for fuel production.

The production of biogas is growing year by year and many potential producers still have technical doubts and also the feasibility of producing self-propelled biofuel energy. That is why again at AveSui 2020 the sector is highlighted with a workshop dedicated to Biomass and Bioenergy, which this year will be in partnership with CiBiogás and the GEF Project. "What has changed for 2020 is that we bring a more innovative and dynamic proposal, applying knowledge to practice," said workshop coordinator Renata Abreu.

Felipe Marques, Director of Technological Development at CiBiogás and Coordinator of the GEF Project says that the Workshop will focus on how to reuse waste from animal protein production to produce biogas and achieve income diversification on the property. “The target audience is technicians and potential biogas producers who are the producers of the animal protein chain who do not yet produce for reasons of technical or technological doubts. They will be able to find in this workshop an opportunity to understand how each technology suits their demand and how it can serve them in the future ”he detailed.

The panel will discuss which is biogas, how it is produced, the types of materials, the types of substrates used to produce, the technologies available to produce and how to use this produced biogas. “We will also talk about the participation of biogas in the energy matrix, in an opportunity to generate business for biogas producers and about the potential for biogas production in Brazil, addressing the potential of each substrate by region and perspectives and opportunities for the sector and two technical visits will be offered ”, explained Marques.

In addition to the theory, the Biomass and Bioenergy Workshop will provide an immersion in loco in the production of biogas. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know in practice all the steps of the production process with guided tours to production stations, one to Itaipu Binacional and the other to the Entre Rios do Oeste plant. “Combining theoretical concepts with practical experiences is extremely relevant for those who want to deepen their knowledge about new technologies and existing technologies related to the production of biogas. The technical visits allow the participant to clarify doubts about a real need and ends up bringing the rural producer closer to a new business opportunity: the energy market ”emphasized Renata.

Technical visits

The first technical visit Itaipu Biogas Production Unit, which is inside the Itaipu complex, which is the unit that produces biogas from the residues of the biogas complex's restaurants, is used to manufacture biomethane and supply the vehicles of the internal fleet of the group.

The second will be for the Entre Rios do Oeste project, which is already in operation and brings together several biogas producers, who produce biogas each on their own property, and are connected by a gas network to a thermal power plant. This thermoelectric plant produces electricity that is offset in public buildings in the municipality, in this case the Municipality pays producers for the biogas produced. "There will be two opportunities for different technologies and arrangements to serve the public that participates in the workshop and event." Marques finished.

GEF Project

The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and dependence on fossil fuels by promoting biogas energy and mobility solutions within agro-industrial supply chains in southern Brazil and strengthening the national chain value of biogas technology.

AveSui 2020

The animal production market has undergone constant changes in addition to the implementation of new technologies. That is why AveSui 2020 brings in its technical program many new features in the 2020 edition. With a new date set, the fair will be held from September 29  to October 1, in the West of Paraná. “CiBiogás is always happy to participate in the largest Latin American anima protein fair. It is at this fair that we have contact with the producer chain and also with all suppliers that serve these producers, ”said Marques.

In addition to the Biomass and Bioenergy Workshop, the event brings the 5th Congress on precision zootechnics: artificial intelligence in favor of animal production; methods of eliminating (euthanizing) poultry and pigs; production of free and antibioic free animals; meat processing and food security. Another novelty is the panel open to the public on unique health. Soon full schedule.